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What is Food Tech Studio-Bites!

Food Tech Studio – Bites!  is a stage-agnostic, global community of best-in-class startups with a common vision of bringing better and more efficient processes within the food development ecosystem.


In addition to supporting emerging food brands, Bites! will solve key challenges plaguing our food supply chain today, including (but not limited to) safety, waste reduction, and health.


We bring food entrepreneurs to the front lines and connect them with leading corporations and industry thought-leaders –– helping them realize top-line growth opportunities in Japan, the U.S. and around the world –– while also facilitating lasting relationships that enable the food value chain to flourish and be more sustainable.


Why Now?

We live in a time where technology has the power to disrupt every part of our lifestyles - and we need innovation to reshape our food systems.


The COVID-19 crisis has threatened the food security and nutrition of millions of people around the world, where a huge spotlight has been placed on the broken supply chains, food shortages, waste and health issues.


We need to invest in a sustainable food future to sustain and improve livelihoods while building more inclusive, environmentally sustainable and resilient food systems.


Why Japan?

Japan has a history of food innovation dating back hundreds of years, and more recently, Japanese food is loved by people all over the world, from sushi to ramen and beyond.


Scrum Ventures is excited to invite startups around the world to engage with Food Tech Studio - Bites!, where we bring together the most innovative food startups to collaborate with the largest and most innovative food corporations in Japan.

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