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What is Food Tech Studio - Bites!

Food Tech Studio – Bites!  is a stage-agnostic, global community of best-in-class startups with a common vision of bringing better and more efficient processes within the food development ecosystem.


In addition to supporting emerging food brands, Bites! will solve key challenges plaguing our food supply chain today, including (but not limited to) safety, waste reduction, and health.


We bring food entrepreneurs to the front lines and connect them with leading corporations and industry thought-leaders -- helping them realize top-line growth opportunities in Japan, the U.S. and around the world -- while also facilitating lasting relationships that enable the food value chain to flourish and be more sustainable.


Do I have to relocate to Japan for the program?

No. The program will be virtual and participants can join remotely.


Does it cost to apply or participate?

There is no cost to participating. This program is about creating a community and relationships that lead to innovation.


Who should apply?

Startups of all stages that fall under the five categories from any part of the world.

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