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Applications are closed

The Opportunity

The program, which does not require equity participation or relocation, will give startups unprecedented access to revenue-generating opportunities and decision-makers across the public and private sectors, including policy experts and members of academia.


Recognizing the importance of growth capital, Food Tech Studio - Bites! will also lean into the investment community -- helping curate 1:1 conversations with a world class network of leading venture sources that are disrupting the status-quo.




We want to work with startups of all stages that are eager to amplify and expand into emerging markets.


We'd like to engage with founders who are mission-driven and sustainability-focused, who can benefit from access to our strong network and expertise in the food space.

Within the food ecosystem, we're particularly focused on identifying disruptive technologies across Next-gen Foods, Food Science, data-driven Food Services, AgTech, CPG/Consumer Services, Food Processing, Food Security and Sustainability as well as additional categories.

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(1) You may apply in English or Japanese.

(2) The intellectual property rights to any application belong to the applicant. Please take necessary steps to protect your rights at your own risk and expense.

(3) Please make sure in advance that your entry does not infringe on any intellectual property rights of third parties.

(4) Applications that are not selected into the program will not be used without the consent of the applicant. Please note that the affiliated companies of this program may develop, implement, or in the future develop and implement the same or similar products or services without using the submitted plan.


(1) We will not respond to individual inquiries regarding the screening process.

(2) Please note that application materials will not be returned.

Applications for Food Tech Studio - Bites! are now closed. Thank you for your interest in our program. 

Applications are closed

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Program Timeline

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